Leave your translations to us
- and have more time for core tasks!

Since 1987 Goodale Communications has been delivering quality translations to the island of Bornholm – in the Baltic Sea – as well as to the rest of Denmark. The translations are performed by native speaker translators residing in Denmark and abroad.

By constantly staying abreast of IT developments, we are able to deliver fast, effective translations, proof-reading and word processing.  

Since Goodale Communications is based on a network of freelance translators in Denmark and abroad, we are also competitive in regards to deadlines and prices and offer a flexibility that is often of decisive importance to our customers in the final, hard pressed phase of many assignments – everything from printed matter to reports, income statements, and tenders.

In other words – we deliver translations quickly – when you need them!

Our most popular translation combinations:

from              Danish ,Swedish and Norwegian to              English

from              Danish and English to           German, Swedish, Norwegian and Polish


We also provide other language combinations, for example

from              Danish to              Lithuanian, Estonian, Latvian and Russian

from              German to           English


from           English, French, Spanish and Greek to              Danish

Other language combinations are also available on request.

Proof-reading in the above languages is also available.

Call / e-mail for prices, offers and references!


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DK 3740 Svaneke
Tlf 56 49 66 44
Fax 56 49 66 64

Email: mail@goodale.dk